Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Outrage in the Art Community

This AMAZING SFX/Gore/Horror Makeup artist is being CRIMINALLY CHARGED with "moral corruption". Yep. You didn't read that wrong. He lives in Canada and they want to put him in jail because his art is offensive and morally wrong.

Well guess what... so is a lot of other art in the world. So is some of my own art.
I'm absolutely shocked by this.... I thought it was the 21st century and everybody was becoming more open minded about freedom of expression. ESPECIALLY in a country like Canada. I expected better coming from them.

This poor guy might get put in jail because he's not afraid to push the envelope and challenge the viewer. Everything he does is fake and none of his models are harmed. In fact, I'm pretty sure they have fun doing it.

You can find his work and his journal regarding the issue on deviantart, but you can only view most of his work if you have a dA account:

InnerDepravity's Journal

I'm really disgusted by this. And I hope he is able to fight the legal battle because as far as I'm concerned, people who produce in your face art are more than entitled to have a place in the art world.

Rapists and Murderers should be put in jail, not artists.

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  1. I hope for her that he would be free but Canada it's the best place to have a lot of problem. I'm in Canada just for my wife and i can said you one thing : freedom is a real big fake. Just in my job, i'm on a blacklist since i have said that i have tattoos and piercing! Imagine nobody can see it and i'm in a blacklist! The real freedom in this country it's for the autority to be free to make anything with a "law" for better order.