Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Blood and Milk

Self Portrait

I don't have any behind the scenes shots, but I can talk a little bit about this one...

I had a frustrating day, so I thought I'd try and photograph and idea that I've had in my head for a while. I've been very much into the pale look lately... sort of striking, doll like, avant garde and dramatic. The white fluffy thing around my face is a big petticoat which my mother bought for me. And the blood under the eyes was done with fake scab makeup (essentially a red goo like substance which I usually use for SFX makeup) and a little bit of water. I added the blood because I wanted a contrast and a little bit of something ominous.

I feel like these photos could be translated a lot of different ways. And I usually don't like to explain how I translate my own photos, because I want people to form their own opinion on what the concept could be. So I guess I'll just leave it to the viewer.... translate it however you wish. ;)

This was my outlet for the day... and I did feel like it was a little easier to breathe after wards. But my over all frustration about... everything, always comes crawling back.

This photograph along with a couple others from this series may or may not be published in an upcoming issue of Giuseppina Magazine. But I'm not really sure and either way, it's probably a secret.. because the other photos wont be shown online until after the Magazine issue is out. ;) There is however, one other photo from this set which can be seen on my Redbubble and Facebook accounts (links on the right hand side).

I'll close with suggesting some music to listen to.. which has inspired me both while taking these photos and while editing them and it's thanks to a good friend of mine, that I discovered this amazing music.




  1. This pic and the other on Redbubble are truly inspirational.

    The third and fourth paragraphs of your post reflect the thoughts of a true artist. I too dislike speaking of my work and prefer to leave it to the individual to bring him or herself into the work for interpretation.

    I find also that once a piece is completed that the stress, rush or whatever one likes to term it, flys away and the cycle repeats.

    Let's hold the hope that the other pics will be published in Giuseppina Magazine.

    And thanks for the music suggestions, Ulver and Saltillo are as amazing as you say and I know now where the title of your piece came from. :)

  2. Wonderful capture, and i really enjoy your blog. :) So i'm following you now. =)